Borrower Portal

This portal comprising of borrower complaints management and loan information tracking system helps homeowners track their loan modification, short sale, and deeds in lieu of foreclosures or loss mitigation workout status 24 by 7. In case of any complaints, they can connect with their respective banks and resolve them with a tracking system's help. The portal also displays the bank's SPOC's details allowing the homeowners to seek guidance directly.

Key Features
  • Interactive portal with advanced workflows to interact with borrowers at each stage of their complaint’s resolution process and loan default management process
  • Assists with the loss mitigation option for loan defaults in avoiding foreclosures by proactivity working with borrowers to give them alternative options to foreclosures
  • Built to manage high volumes of loan default files and borrower's interactions
Technologies Used
  • Cloud hosting – AWS
  • Serve customers better 24x7 through an interactive portal, resulting in a better customer experience
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls and emails for support and inquiries to call center or assigned Single Point of Contact on file

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