IT Recruitment

Talented and dedicated employees are an asset to any organization, making a hiring company's role that much more vital. We believe the organizations need to choose the right candidate for the right job with a systematic recruitment process and significant attention to detail. At Santech, we carefully match the candidate's skills, attitude, and plans with the job requirement and company's culture. Our industry connections have grown strong over 22 years, helping us find the mid-level leadership IT talent with much ease. Upon outsourcing, the in-house human resources teams in the organizations can focus more on their core strengths.

Our Approach

Unlike temporary recruitment, permanent staffing requires dependable and skilled candidates with their career intentions aligned to the organization. We value the aspects of growth, longevity, culture, and diversity while screening the candidates and focus on finding the right match for both parties involved. That helps us maintain excellent relationships with the candidates and employers.

We provide:

Executive Search: The senior management and leadership positions demand a high level of industry understanding, focus, and resilience from us. Over time we have created a dedicated and expert team that is spearheading the sourcing for executive-level professionals. They hold senior positions in the recruitment industry; hence they can relate to the client's needs very well.

Mid-Manager Level: We have many successful mid-level employees who led the organizations over the years. We have proved to be a preferred choice for many organizations for mid-manager and above IT hiring. Something we take inspiration from!

Our Process:
  • Understanding client requirements - Technical Skillsets, Soft skills, Overall experience, Credentials, any specialized experience, Compensation, and the culture to expect
  • Collection & Analysis of resumes
  • Pre-Screening candidates
  • Counseling the candidates
  • Arranging technical and final interviews
  • Post-recruitment follow-up with the employers and the candidates

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