The team at Santech is well-versed with the changing workplace dynamics and requirements of today’s job market. Many employers now prefer temporary staffing over permanent employment to fulfill the on-demand projects or require additional assistance. Temp staffing helps them reduce fixed costs, maintain agility & timeliness to meet the clients’ needs. In many cases, we have seen that it also enhances workplace morale and leads to meaningful hiring.

At Santech, manpower contracting is a hassle-free and smooth process. We provide quarterly and monthly contracting choices to our clients and choose the option matching their needs. We ensure that our services are curated and customized specifically to each industry, employers’ expectations, and candidates’ demands. We refuse to believe that one size can fit all and provide the right candidates based on the company’s technical skill sets, periodicity, and extent of scope. With a winning combination of IT hiring expertise for over two decades and the experience of working with companies from BFSI, Retail, BPO, and IT, we continue to be the trusted advisor and the go-to IT hiring company for our clients.

Process of Manpower Contracting we follow,
  • Collection of resumes
  • Analysis of resumes
  • Pre-Screening candidates
  • Counseling the candidates
  • Arranging technical and final interviews
  • Onboarding and assigning employees to the client company
  • Visa processing and arranging candidates’ travel (when applicable)
  • Post-recruitment follow-up with the employers and the candidates
In addition to onboarding and assigning the candidates, we also manage the following aspects:
  • Providing employment contract
  • Planning pre-employment medical checkup
  • Insurance registration and premium payment
  • Opening bank accounts for new recruits
  • Payroll calculations
  • Calculation & contribution of personal income tax & social security contribution
  • Monthly salary distribution
  • Leave & benefits administration
  • Expense claims & overtime administration
  • Monthly reporting to the employer for candidates’ payment details, leave & benefit records

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